Sunday, March 25, 2012

moving day

you win.
you have burnt
an image of your face
on the right side of my chest,
just below my crow and heart

it's now
that i decide to pack some scabs,
a white flag,
all of my belongings,
and a piece of rope
in a few plastic containters
and bring them home.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

another definition

i've sat here before,
than a million times.

i believe in everything
when this room is quiet.

i trust the dark,
just as long as there is some type of
that i can hold,

and sometimes that light pulls me
to places that shine
on the alphabet
of the letters
that form
the meat
and bones
of something
that i am trying
to describe.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

the first saturday without a cigarette

the entire city of chicago
could be on fire again,
and the only thing
that i'd want
would be a fucking cigarette.

my cousin had a birthday party
for his one year old
so i decided not to show,

and inbetween the miles of procrastination
that this produced,
i still decided not to tell anyone
that i wasn't attending.

i'm odd.
i know i'm odd,
and i'm fairly certain
that my girlfriend
and everyone else i know
caught on to this fact.

the birthday party,
the odds
that everybody thinks
that i'm some giant weirdo
from the planet Zeetron,
and all i ever wanted
a fucking cigarette
to save me today.