Wednesday, December 28, 2011

from day one

i did not make this up,

but i was told
that this earth
that i walk upon
is only a sphere.

and all i know
is that i stumble around
all day
in this suit
made of skin and hair
the only thing
that i can prove this with
is a map of scabs
and souviners
by the circumference
of everything
since day one.

as i walk further
down a path
of circles,
that i know is
and it's the only thing
i have left.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

for l.k.

you sleep there,
like the smartest person
in the world,

right now,
all you are,
are all my bedsheets,

and somehow
i always feel like
i wake up
in the bottom
of an ashtray.

you have the gall
to wake up
and walk in this room
and hug me
like you own me,
even if i'm drunk.

and in the morning
i know,
that all i'll have to give you
is a cigarette
and a hangover.

but i can promise you,
that if we try,
that one day
we will be the only two living
people left.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

lakeview hospital

i remember that day
when the bulls drafted
joakim noah.

you just had surgery
and i chain smoked
cigarettes in the parking garage,
of that hospital,
on the northside
of chicago.

the radio station said
that he wore a seersucker suit.

they cut you open right in the middle.

i did not know
what to believe.

i remember the nurse,
about something that i cannot even remember,
i don't know,
but i had a feeling
that you'd still be alive.

your room overlooked
a million skyscrapers
and i sat in that chair
as you rambled on
about the flowers
and the previous visitors
that could never comprehend

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

in relation

it always begins
than i can imagine,

like a late friday night,
mid january,
in an empty pool hall,
in oak park, illinois.

her legs are legs,
and her ass
is the table.

i just want to go home

and the next thing i know
is that i'm jilted
in a red car,
past a reservation
in the northeast corner
of arizona,
right where some navajo
sells rugs
on the border of new mexico,

we speculate
on the time
that we will cross
the threshold
of albuquerque, new mexico.

we were not even lost.

and two years later
i wake up
in her bed,
in chicago,
on the corner of belden & sacramento
and the only thing
that i can remember
is this dream.