Tuesday, October 25, 2011

plate tectonics

your dust
my dust
and in theory
mountains are formed.

we meet
in some epicenter,
only by the reality
of earthquakes.

and just as the rubble stretches
and becomes awake,
we imagine
that something beautiful
is formed.

Monday, October 17, 2011


we touch brains
and all this means
is that a conglomerate
of facts
and webs
have been spun
into a fiction
that wears us
into something of comfort.

and during the meantime,
we are absorbing the rotted sections
that bruise
the other persons'

we are no better than
the side
that makes us survive
that eventually departs.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


there they go again,
placing their bodies,
and vodka,
and cigarettes,
all within the parameters
of a steeltrap jaw
that clasps
around my chest
when excersised.

they decode everything
that i am weak upon,
i'm the result
of some gun.

they've shot me before,
a million times over,
but there are enough holes
thickening in me
to mount
a resistance.

and some are good,
and some are bad,
and i swear,
they all compete
for who is
the loudest.

i don't think
they'll ever understand
how to measure
the depth
of these teethmarks.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

broaching winter

it's october
and somebody said
it felt like 78 degrees

i didn't believe them.

from here on out
will just become
and colder,

until we are made
of parkas
and fleece,
and the only noise
that we hear
will be the saving grace
of the defroster.

i swear,
one more winter like this,
wrapped in the fluff
of dreams
that eventually turn
into natural disasters,

and i don't think i'll ever escape
this season again.

when i'm there,
and the weather hits,
there are no faces
upon the heads
that remain
in the sun.